Chapter 7: The Trap of Routine Assessment

How does assessment technology shape our educational system?

What progress has been made in assessment technologies over the last three decades? What progress do you expect in the years ahead?

Can computers assess important domains of learning? Or, can computers only assess “things that we no longer need humans to do?”

I think the focuses of assessment technology over the last decades has been on collecting and analyzing measurable data. As for now, many other domains or aspects of learning (often not measurable) are not assesses through computer. As a special educator, I learned that we need to be a detective and gather as many info as we can when studying one’s behaviors and often those info are hard to measured and subjective. I wonder if the development of assessment technology will eventually allow computers to capture these often non-measurable aspects of learning and what it will look like.

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If one teaches in a Title 1 school, then NCLB / ESEA assessments are a huge part of each year of middle school.

ELPA21 attempts to measure ELL proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking but there are many ways a student who is fluent in English can fail. Students cannot get out of English Lang Program until they pass ELPA21 since FEB 2019 which means no elective classes.