Recording Links

Here are the recording lists; I’ll try to keep updated.
Nov. 9- Chapter 7: The Trap of Routine Assessment, with Courtney Bell and Audrey Watters
Nov. 2- Chapter 6: The EdTech Matthew Effect, with Antero Garcia and Audrey Watters
Oct. 26- Chapter 5: The Curse of the Familiar, with Dan Meyer and Audrey Watters
Oct. 19- Chapter 4: Learning Games and Testing the Genres of Learning at Scale, with Constance Steinkeuhler and Scot Osterweil
Oct. 12- Chapter 3: Peer-Guided Learning at Scale and Networked Learning Community, with Mitchel Resnick and Natalie Rusk
Oct. 5- Chapter 2: Algorithm-Guided Learning at Scale and Adaptive Tutors, with Cristina and Neil Heffernan
Sept 28- Chapter 1: Instructor-Guided Learning at Scale and MOOCs, with Liz Losh and George Siemens
Sept 21- Prologue and Introduction, with Chris Gilliard and Audrey Watters

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This is super useful, thank you!